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Drinks & Desserts


Blue Bottle Reisling

Mosel, Germany

125ml £3.80 || 175ml £4.80 || 250ml £5.80 || Bottle £16.00

This medium-bodied Reisling has peach and fine apple aromas, a firm and fruity palate and crisp acidity resulting in a well-balanced, easy to drink wine

Roos Estate Chenin Blanc

South Africa

125ml £3.80 || 175ml £4.80 || 250ml £5.80 || Bottle £16.00

A crisp Chenin Blanc, vibrant on the palate with delicate citrus fruit flavours

Maori Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand

Bottle £21.00

A Marlborough Sauvignon blanc vibrant and fruity with aromas of pineapple, gooseberry and elderflower


Mirabello Pinot Grigio Rose


125ml £3.80 || 175ml £4.80 || 250ml £5.80 || Bottle £16.00

Light to medium bodied - the full, ripe fruit flavours are well balanced with a refreshing mouthfeel and a slight crisp, lingering finish

Condesa de Leganza Tempranillo Rose


125ml £4.00 || 175ml £6.50 || 250ml £7.00 || Bottle £20.00

Clean, bright, strong strawberry red. Fresh and elegant. Long finish, very fruity



187ml £5.00

Fruit driven style with intense aromas of flavours of red cherries, raspberries and sweet tannins. No oak

Roos Estate Pinotage


125ml £3.80 || 175ml £4.80 || 250ml £5.80 || Bottle £16.00

Delicious medium bodied red with juicy hedgerow fruits, vanilla and hints of spice


Kikkoman Plum Wine


125ml £4.80 || 175ml £6.20 || 250ml £7.70 || Bottle £23.00

Medium-sweet finish complimented by melon and strawberry notes. Ideal for pairing with light fish or to be enjoyed on its own


Nua Prosecco


Bottle £25.00

This premium sparkling, elegant and crisp, with a fruity bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits

Asti Spumante


Bottle £25.00

A sweet sparkling wine made from Moscato grapes grown in Northern Italy. This wine has flavours of candyfloss, oranges and peaches




150ml £7.00

A Japanese rice-wine, to be enjoyed warm or room temperature

Sparkling Sake


300ml £27.50

A fresh, zesty and citrussy sparkling rice wine, naturally fermented in the bottle. Served cold


Asahi 330ml £3.20

Saporro 330ml £3.20

Kirin Ichiban 330ml £3.70


Coca Cola 330ml £2.30

Diet Coke 330ml £2.30

Sprite 330ml £2.30

Appletiser 330ml £2.30

Fanta 330ml £2.30

Still/Sparkling Water 250ml £1.50


Jasmine Tea £2.50

Green Tea £2.50

English Breakfast Tea £2.50


Mochi Balls 4pcs £6.00

Small round dessert balls consisting of flavoured soft pounded sticky rice cake with a filling. Choose from these flavours; you can either pick one of each or mix and match;

  • Chocolate mousse

  • Strawberry Cheesecake

  • Mango Ice Cream

  • Green Tea Ice Cream

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